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This qualification addresses work in the community and/or residential facilities under direct or regular supervision within clearly defined organization guidelines and service plans.

These workers

  • Carry out activities to maintain personal care and/or other activities of living for people with a disability
  • Carry out activities related to an individualize plan
  • Report directly to a supervisor and are not responsible for other workers.
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Occupational Titles may Include
Accommodation support worker,Personal care worker
Field officer,Community support worker
Assistant in nursing *,Residential aide
Home care assistant,Disability service officer
Care assistant,Residential care officer
In-home respite care worker,Disability support officer
Client assistant,Residential care support worker
Nursing assistant *,Disability support worker
Community access coordinator,School support officer (working with children with disabilities)
Personal care assistant,Family support worker
Community care worker,Support worker
Personal care giver,Community house worker

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* Not relevant in some jurisdictions

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Course details and Units

Certificate III in Individual SupportĀ (CHC33015) requires students to complete 13 units to receive the qualification.

For more information on units please click here

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Depending upon your level of knowledge and skills and whether or not you have previously completed any other Nationally Recognised Training, the fee for undertaking a course with us will vary. Please call us or email us using the enquire now button for a personalised quote.

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